Xero and why we love it for tradespeople!
February 9, 2024

At Tradermate, we’re Xero specialists for tradespeople in Chichester and West Sussex. Our founders, Lee and Claire, have used almost every bookkeeping software. Most have pros and cons, but Xero seems to be all pros for us and, more importantly, our clients!

When we started Tradermate, it was all about making your life easier. We have actively chosen to keep things jargon-free and straightforward. To help us meet that goal, we also decided to become experts in one software rather than reasonably experienced in lots.

As Xero specialists for tradespeople, we can concentrate on staying updated with all the new functionality, features and integrated apps that we know will make your business run more smoothly.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought we’d share three reasons why we ❤️ Xero and play Cupid to help you fall in love, too!

Xero specialists for tradespeople – Three reasons we ❤️ Xero!

1 – Fantastic Features:

Xero is packed with fantastic features that will make your life easier.

It’s easy to upload purchase invoices and receipts. Plus, the software uses a bit of AI to remember how you categorised things previously. This helps to save time and is far more accurate than manual entry.

It’s also straightforward to save electronic document copies to transactions. No more rummaging through files to check the information.

And the accessible reporting functions make staying on top of your business a breeze. Use the Profit & Loss reports to drill down and find out exactly where your money comes from and what you’re spending it on.

2 – More than Competent for the Construction Industry:

Xero has the functionality to manage VAT and reverse rate VAT, as well as CIS, which is all key in the construction industry. There’s also a quote add-on where quotes can be raised and sent via Xero, then converted to invoices if accepted.

We use Xero with Hubdoc, which is a paperwork collection software. We let our clients know what paperwork is missing, and they can send their electronic purchase invoices by email or take photos of the paperwork and upload them to the Hubdoc app.

3 – Impressive Integrations:

A host of apps, integrations, and financial services offerings connect to Xero to help run your business better. Whether you need to track time or manage inventory or people, you’ll find a solution. Many of our clients use CRM software like ServiceM8, Tradify, and Commusoft, which can all be integrated with Xero.

Ready to hook up with Xero?

If we’ve convinced you to take a chance on Xero, you’re not alone; we’re happy to introduce you!

If you haven’t used any software before, we can start from scratch and build it to suit your business. And if you want prior years’ data from spreadsheets, we can import either opening balances or the entire history.

If you already use an alternative software, we can transfer you to Xero.

We use clever software called MoveMyBooks, where Xero covers the data transfer cost for users of Sage, Kashflow or Quickbooks. We pass on this saving, as we only charge for the time it takes us to manage the migration. Using MoveMyBooks means we can keep this time to a minimum.

We recommend that you don’t migrate your accounts yourself. There’s a bit of planning and processing involved. And things can go wrong if you’re unsure what you’re doing.

If you have attempted to migrate things yourself and made a bit of a mess, don’t panic, we can help you sort things out!

We won’t always play gooseberry!

We often work with clients who want to manage their books. So we can set you up or migrate you and then offer you some training in the basics of Xero. Then, after you’ve fallen in love with Xero, you can fly solo!

We offer a support service if you need a little help from time to time. We can access your Xero and be available to jump on a call or provide additional training if required.

Ready to get started? Contact us HERE. We work with tradespeople in Chichester, West Sussex and beyond.