Branding Tips For Tradespeople: 3 Reasons You Need More Than A Business Card!
November 28, 2023

Tradermate is all about using the right tools for the trade. But today’s article will explore using the right tools for the tradeshow! (See what we did there?) We recently attended a small business expo at a fabulous new co-working space in Bognor Regis, The Track. We were delighted with how our stand looked, thanks to Wilson Design Associates. Now, you may or may not be attending a trade show, but one thing is for sure: as a professional in your field, you need more than a business card. Read on for three branding tips for tradespeople.

Branding tips for Tradespeople: 3 reasons you need more than a business card!

While it’s true that a business card is a great thing to hand out to your clients, ‘branding’ encompasses much more than this. It might include your logo, website, and social media channels. But it might even include how you train your team to interact with clients or how you expect them to represent your business. Ultimately, your brand should reflect how you’d like your customers to see you. 

1: First Impressions Count:

It’s vital to create a positive first impression. After all, as a tradesperson, people often invite you into their homes and gardens. A consistent brand image, including a logo, website, and uniform, signals credibility. Your customers are likelier to trust a tradesperson with a solid and professional brand presence.

2: Brand Your Wheels:

Having a branded vehicle is an excellent idea for tradespeople. Your transport will serve as mobile advertising while ensuring your business is easily identifiable. Above all, your works vehicle will establish brand recognition in your trading patch.

3: Leave a Lasting Impression:

A well-branded business is more likely to be remembered by customers. Positive memories lead to customer loyalty, and loyal customers are more likely to refer the tradesperson to others.

Finally, you’ll also need a handle on your numbers to know how much you can invest in branding. That’s where we come in. We offer reliable, cost-effective, jargon-free bookkeeping for trade businesses and sole traders. Contact us for more information on how we can help.