Call Answering
You can't afford to miss any more calls and opportunities.
Tradermate has the solution

We provide a quick, professional, and reliable virtual receptionist service to take your calls and represent your business. You won't have to worry about a missed call ever again.

Being a tradesperson is pretty full on and you can't just lay down the tools or climb down your ladder every time your phone rings. Sometimes it's not convenient, other time's it's too noisy, just not safe.

Call now to save time, money, and stress!

Tradermate have the answer. We provide a UK based Telephone Answering/Virtual Receptionist service. Answering the call with your business name we ensure your calls are answered politely, professionally and fast.

You select the hours you need covering, and we make sure you no longer lose out on the next big job, or your current customers don't get frustrated having to leave voicemail messages every time they call.

We'll take down the contact details, what the call's about and we'll even answer the pre prepared frequently asked questions for you. Then, when we have all we need, we'll send you a text or email so you can call back, when you're ready.

As well as the call answering service, we have live chat. Any visitors to your website are asked if they want to start a conversation, and Tradermate are on standby when they do, asking and answering questions as a member of your team.

Here is what we get asked most...
Do I need Call Answering?
If you find yourself missing calls throughout the day from existing or potential customers, call answering may be the ideal way to ensure those calls are taken.
How does Call Answering work?
We gather all the relevant information you require from the caller, and email this to you. This means, when you are free to call your client back, you’re armed with the information you need.
Will my callers know I have Call Answering?
A call answering service will answer the call with your company name, and take details to pass on to you, if that’s what you choose. You could also choose to have your call answering service book quotes or even work in your diaries, saving you time and helping you manage your business.